How to properly remove mascara without losing eyelashes?

During make-up removal the most difficult part includes the removal of mascara. Especially the waterproof one. Do you know how to remove make-up as to wash your lashes thoroughly without destroying them? Lucky those who don’t need to use mascaras. But these naturally long, thick and dark eyelashes are really scarcely encountered. It means that […]

Palette of Colors, Qualities, Shapes. How to Choose Mascara?

It is one of the basic makeup products. Women like to shop for mascaras. Considering the wide choice of mascaras, it seems to make sense. How to choose a mascara? What types of mascaras are there? What ingredients should be found in a perfect mascara? Which spiral shape and mascara color should you go for? […]

How to Choose Mascara and Coat Eyelashes the Right Way?

Well-mascaraed lashes are able to turn a face around and add depth to look. It’s worth realizing that mascara doesn’t only thicken, extend and curl lashes but also it can correct the shape of eyes and if applied properly, it can replace an eyeshadow and eye pencil. You don’t believe that? Find out how to […]

How to tint eyelashes at home?

There are many ways to have nice, emphasized eyelashes. The most popular solution is mascara, which, unfortunately, requires daily application and, even worse, everyday make-up removal. Some women, who are fed up with it, decide to try something different – henna. Henna allows you to obtain the effect of beautifully highlighted eyes and save some […]

Eyelash loss – causes and remedies

Excessive eyelash loss is a very common problem among women. We seem too be looking for ways to strengthen them, while prevention is the key. Find out what causes eyelash loss and start your fight for a beautiful look! Eyelashes are very delicate hairs. There are many factors that can harm them and cause them […]

Eye make-up – a step-by-step guide on how to apply mascara

Eye make-up is enough to significantly improve the final look. A properly made can shape the eye in such a way that no eyeshadow or eyeliner is needed. As important as choosing the right mascara is the way you use it. Although women usually use this cosmetic from their early youth, many of them use […]

Emphasize your beauty! Eyelash and eyebrow henna

Sometimes simple cosmetic treatments give the best results. This is definitely the case with henna. It gives really great results and saves you from having to make a full make-up. Check if henna can convince you too. Henna – for whom? It is recommended to everybody regardless of the type of skin and hair. However, […]