Eyelash loss – causes and remedies

Excessive eyelash loss is a very common problem among women. We seem too be looking for ways to strengthen them, while prevention is the key. Find out what causes eyelash loss and start your fight for a beautiful look!

Eyelashes are very delicate hairs. There are many factors that can harm them and cause them to fall out even before their growth cycle ends. It is worth knowing what causes the eyelashes loss in order to protect them.

Causes of eyelash loss

Sometimes it is a sign of illness. Sometimes hormones are responsible, but this is a factor that we scarcely have any influence on. And quite often the problem is caused by our own actions, for instance, when we rub our eyes excessively. Here are the most common causes of eyelash loss:

  1. Frequent eyelash extensions that weaken the hair.
  2. Improper makeup removal technique – rubbing eyes with a cotton pad damages eyelashes.
  3. Frequent use of an eyelash curler.
  4. Applying too much mascara, which makes the eyelashes stick together.
  5. Hormonal imbalance (also during pregnancy or menopause).
  6. Regular eyelash tinting with henna makes them weak.
  7. Using bad quality mascaras and expired cosmetics.
  8. Eating products low in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for healthy eyelashes.
  9. Taking some medicines, antibiotics, diseases, stress.

Eyelash loss. When does it become a problem?

Obviously, we lose 2, 3 and even 4 eyelashes each day. If you see your eyebrows on the cotton pad during make-up removal, do not panic. This is perfectly normal because eyelashes (like every hair) after some time fall out and then re-grow. This process is called the eyelash life cycle.

The problem arises when eyelashes fall out in clumps. If we find more hairs falling out and the eyelashes are getting thinner, it can indicate some trouble. It’s high time to find out what to do when eyelashes keep falling out.

How to stop your eyelashes from falling out?

The easiest way is to find the cause of eyelash loss and eliminate it. However, this is not a simple task, because often the loss is caused by several factors that overlap. What to do then?

First of all, we should make sure the food we eat is rich in micro- and macro-nutrients. Second of all, it’s good to reduce any mechanical damage that might deteriorate the condition of our eyelashes. Pay special attention to mascaras and eyeliners, maybe it’s past their expiration dates. If you have checked all of those things, it’s time to take proper care of your eyelashes.

Eyelash serum – a remedy for eyelash loss

Regular use of eyelash conditioners is the easiest way to restore their health. If they are weakened, the limitation of negative factors only will not help. You need to provide them with a constant supply of essential vitamins and strengthening ingredients, thanks to which the bulbs will be better rooted, and the eyelashes will stop falling out excessively, they will start to grow longer, thicker and more flexible. Eyelash serum really helps to minimize their loss and makes your eyelashes impressively beautiful.