How to have the come-hither look? Tips to get beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes

All women dream of beautiful, long eyelashes and perfectly arched eyebrows, but not everyone has them. The good news is that there are ways to make your eyebrows and eyelashes beautiful. How? Are the proper diet, make-up removal and castor oil enough to improve their condition? Which serum to choose and how to use it? How to care for eyebrows and eyelashes?

Ways for pretty eyebrows and eyelashes: proper diet

Generally speaking, eyebrows and eyelashes have not been created just to improve the appearance of our eyes. The basic task of the eyebrows is to protect against sweat and water, for example rain. The eyelashes, on the other hand, protect the delicate structures of the eye from different pollutants, such as dust or pollen.

Eyebrows and eyelashes are made of hair bulbs and hair shafts. The lifespan of one eyelash is about 100 days. For an eyelash to regrow, peptides, micronutrients and vitamins are needed. This is why our menu should include products rich in vitamin B, zinc, iron and magnesium. It’s also recommended to take vitamin supplements.

How to choose and apply eyelash serum and mascara?

If you want to have beautiful eyelashes, follow a few basic rules:

A good mascara should contain nourishing and strengthening ingredients. Limit using waterproof mascaras as much as possible because strong make-up removal can damage the eyelashes. The technique of application is also of importance, apply the mascara on clean lashes. If there are any make-up residues, the mascara can smudge and fall off together with your lashes. You can also apply a light coat of powder in between each layer. The application of mascara should look like this: start from the roots and slowly go up along the eyelashes. Wait for it to dry before applying the second coat, otherwise there might be some clumps, and the eyelashes might stick together. Also, be careful not to overload your eyelashes with too many layers as it might deteriorate their condition.

Another cosmetic that is worth using regularly is the eyelash serum. It not only thickens the eyelashes but also stimulates the eyelashes to regrow.

Tips to get beautiful eyelashes: how to care and groom eyelashes?

First of all, an eyelash curler is indeed a tool that can significantly improve the look of the eyelashes but you must use it skilfully. Don’t use it after applying mascara because they will become brittle and fall off as as a result. If you really need to curl your mascara-coated eyelashes, use a clean brush to do it. Do it before your eyelashes dry, hold them with the brush very gently and at appropriate height, then lightly press towards the eyelid but do not touch it.

In the case of sparse and weak eyelashes, it is worth to use appropriate make-up tricks in order to optically thicken them so that false eyelashes or intensive use of mascara will no longer be necessary. It’s enough to make a delicate line with a dark pencil just above the eyelash line. The line should be blended with a special brush. Also, you can use the eyeshadow to obtain a natural effect. A similar, but more intense effect can be done with an eyeliner, however, this cosmetic requires some practice.

The order in which you make your make-up is also of an importance:

  1. Concealer.
  2. Loose powder, with which you cover the eyelids. (it’s not necessary provided that you use a special base).
  3. Eye shadows or other coloured cosmetics.
  4. Mascara.

Mascara is the last step because it might be harder to apply the eyeshadow when having mascara-coated eyelashes.

Tips to get beautiful eyebrows: how to care and groom eyebrows

What is the most important in eyebrow make-up? Moderation. In the first place, you should shape your eyebrows. It can be done in a professional salon or at home with the use of tweezers. Do not try to change their natural shape, because this is the one that suits your eyes and face the most.

Thick or dark lines look artificial, so you should omit this kind of look. Instead, gently comb the eyebrows with a mascara brush. You will obtain the most natural effect if you use it just after covering your eyelashes. Thanks to this, we give the eyebrows a deeper and more intense shade and subtly highlight their shape.

If your eyebrows are sparse or almost invisible, it is worth choosing henna or permanent make-up.

Tips to get beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes: make-up removal

Make-up removal of the eyes is a very important element of care. What’s important: daily care. Under no circumstances should you go to sleep with your mascara on because in the morning you may find your eyelashes in terrible condition.

Remember to be very careful during make-up removal. Intense rubbing can strongly deteriorate their condition. Soak a cotton pad in a make-up remover and hold it on the eyelid for 10 seconds. Thanks to this, the mascara will dissolve and you will be able to quickly remove it.
Try to avoid doing anything with the mascara-coated eyelashes, because this is when they are the most exposed to mechanical injuries. After careful make-up removal, apply eye cream. Do not rub your eyes, it’s enough to tap it underneath each eye using your fingertips. Both the skin and eyelashes are very delicate so they can be damaged by rubbing.

Tips to get beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes: castor oil

The condition of weak and sparse eyebrows and eyelashes can improve the castor oil. To use it you will need a clean mascara brush. Its good to apply the oil overnight, after removing the make-up and applying the cream. Dip the brush in the bottle and rub the excess against the edges of the container. Then put the castor oil on the eyelashes and eyebrows. For the firs month of treatment, it’s good to do it everyday, later twice a week will be enough.